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Classification of fence netting by use
Dec 16, 2014
According to the use of the division, fence can be divided into what kinds of network?

Highway Guardrail Network

Highway Guardrail network is the most important transportation infrastructure, China's expressway is from the 80 's development, it plays an important role in the development of national economy and society. Lian Xiang Highway Guardrail network is an important maintenance and safety protection facilities of expressway.

Railway Guardrail Network

Railway Guardrail network is an important transportation infrastructure, the security and practicality in the requirements of stricter. Column is divided into galvanized steel pipe, peach column, Swallow tail column and C-shaped steel, mesh is divided into plastic steel wire mesh, PVC plastic coated welding network, hook-flower network and steel mesh and punching net. The general structure of the column and the border through the connecting parts, can also use the mesh directly with the column card connection, bolt connections and connecting parts riveting, angle can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Airport Fencing Wire Mesh

The airport fence, also known as the "Y-type Security Defense Network", is a V-type bracket column, enhanced welded sheet network, security anti-theft connectors and hot-dip galvanized blade, the composition strength and safety defensive level is very high. In recent years, has been widely used in airports, military bases and other high security sites. Note: If the top of the airport guardrail network with razor wire, blade barbed wire after a good increase in safety and protection performance. The use of electroplating, hot-dip, spray molding, impregnation and other anti-corrosion forms, with a good anti-aging, sun resistance, weathering and other characteristics. Its product modelling is beautiful, the color is diverse, has played the fence function, also played the beautification function. Because of its high security, good ability to climb, the mesh connected with a special SBS fastener, effectively prevent man-made destructive demolition, transverse four bend reinforced ribs, so that the strength of the net surface increased significantly.

Municipal Guardrail Network

Municipal fencing network is widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places of safety protection and decorative beautification, its product modeling beautiful, and solid, good anti-corrosion, is the first choice to beautify urban environmental engineering products. Suitable for mass standard production, installation of fast employment less, beautiful structure, and good environmental coordination.

Building Mesh

Use: For coal mine roof, tunnel, bridge construction, Subgrade Network, construction site. The ordinary net piece uses in the construction profession to make the Happy House board NET and the partition net, is the high-rise new building ideal material.

Residential Fence

1. Grid structure concise, beautiful and practical.

2. Easy to transport, installation is not subject to terrain fluctuations.

3. Especially for mountainous slopes with a very strong adaptability.

4. Low price, suitable for large-scale use.

Prison fence

Also known as prison fencing fence or prison isolation grid, the main use of high-strength Blade gill nets and common protection network, from the V-type bracket stand, strengthen the welding chip network, security anti-theft connectors and Blade Gill Network composition. Blade Gill Net is a new type of protective network, made of sharp angle galvanized steel plate or stainless steel sheet blades, steel wire to make the core line combination of protective equipment.

Workshop Isolation Network

1, used to separate the work area of different stations, effectively improve the working environment, reasonable planning plant and operating space;

2, modular components, easy disassembly, strong flexibility;

3, the column can be connected with the ground screw fastening to ensure the use of safety.

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