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Comparison of fenced water horse and Water horse Wai Block
Nov 02, 2016

A water horse is an environmentally friendly plastic shell that divides the pavement or forms a barrier. Generally is the small down large structure, the object has the hole can inject the water to increase the weight, the more cushion elasticity, the emptying water may move freely, the partial water horse also has the transverse through hole to form the longer barrier chain or the barrier wall through the pole connection, is now one of the commonly used products of traffic and road facilities. Water horse including fences and Wai block, many people think that the same product, in fact, carefully compare the two there is a difference.

I. Specifications

Water Horse Fence Specification: High: 1200mm width: 1500mm on width: 150mm down width: 430mm

Water Horse Wai Block specifications: High: 1100mm width: 1150mm on the width: 160mm

Down width: 400mm

By comparison, it can be seen that the conventional water horse fences are larger than the enclosure specifications, both of which are small and large structures, because this design can increase the stability of the object itself.

Second, product performance

1, the product is the use of imported high-strength environmentally-friendly plastic production, equipment flexible and convenient, heat-resistant, impact resistance, acid and alkali, not easy to aging, long life, can be two times, one molding, can have a longer use cycle.

2, fill the water with more cushioning flexibility, after the release of flexibility to move. Convenient installation and no auxiliary facilities.

3, color bright, not easy to fade, placed on the road to be more eye-catching, play a good warning effect and effect.

4, with the road to do the curvature adjustment, you can install warning flashing lights, paste a variety of reflective film or other additional facilities, plus billboards, signs or fence, effectively prompts the road traffic, warning high, reduce the incidence of accidents.

Above is the water horse fence and water horse wai block common characteristics and performance, carefully compared, the two still have subtle differences.

1. Water-horse enclosure with large injection capacity, the relative weight increased, and the stability of the performance will be better.

2, the block size is small, the construction personnel move more flexible and convenient.

3, in the outward appearance, the fence is more beautiful and practical than Wai block, the curvature of the enclosure is not so stiff, it is a beautiful scenery line in the process of City Road installation.

4, block upper space area large, you can paste a large number of slogans, reflective ribbons, can also be used in the upper part of the product with a thick self-locking strap to fix and connect various objects; But the fence above is pierced with a number of billboards, signs or fence, the degree of firmness is not good.

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