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Features and installation of the guardrail of traffic facilities
May 27, 2015

Characteristics of guardrail for traffic facilities:Bright color, smooth surface, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet, does not fade, does not crack, does not have the advantage of embrittlement, becomes the most decorative guardrail boutique, applies to the middle of the city road, clean spacious streets and bright beautiful guardrail, mutual reflection, build a beautiful scenery line, for our city luster Let our high-grade city build up to a new level.

Installation of guardrail for traffic facilities:

1, in the factory has been ordered by the order of series assembly, the product arrived at the construction site only need to be the pillars of the steel lining into the stable base, in accordance with the use of departments required to extend the laying line.

2, after the completion of the basic layout of the use of special bolts for each section of the fence properly connected.

3. In order to improve the wind resistance and prevent malicious movement, the stable base should be fixed on the ground using internal expansion bolts.

4, the user requirements at the top of the guardrail fixed installation of reflective device.

5, movable cast iron seat can be used spike or expansion screws symmetrical locking

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