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Installation of water horse fences
Oct 26, 2017

1th: Construction of water horse facilities in roads, bridges, car parks, stations, terminals, shopping malls, rallies, toll stations, and other places, mainly because of road traffic construction office, for the construction is not beautiful, unsafe place to use the construction of water Horse Wai to surround those places. Avoid danger to pedestrians.

2nd: The Water Horse facility may take the form of individual setting or continuous setting according to actual need. From the water horse's set requirements we can see that the use of water horse and production regulations are also around this requirement.

3rd: Water horse must be filled with water or sand

4th: When used in densely populated areas, it must be used continuously and connected

5th: Prohibition of the use of water horse lying or reverse

6th: Water horse or isolation pier don't put anything on it.

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