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Municipal Guardrail
May 05, 2017

Municipal fencing network is mainly used in the field of isolation, municipal engineering isolation, garden guardrail. Parks in municipal construction, isolation and protection of lawns, zoos, lake, roads, and residential areas; the protection and decoration of guesthouses, hotels, supermarkets and places of entertainment; road streets and alleys landscaping, bridge landscape, garden villas, urban highways, road edges, institutions schools, airport stadiums, sports officialdom, factory workshops, community walls, etc.


Height: 400mm-1200mm

Length: 3000mm

Pillar: 80mm*80mm 100mm*100mm

Crossbar: 55mm*40mm 55mm*30mm

Vertical Rod: 50mm*30mm

Advantages: anti-corrosion form: electroplating, hot-dip, spray-plastic, impregnation. With anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sunscreen, weathering and other characteristics.


1, municipal fencing Network has beautiful, practical characteristics.

2, the installation of this product is convenient, applicable to a variety of municipal buildings, road use.

3, is one of the most popular road isolation guardrail at home and abroad.

Use: products are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places of safety protection and decorative beautification, but also for the community, courtyard, villas, its smooth lines, concise and beautiful, rich in the modern atmosphere, so that the plot, let the courtyard, let the villa with the era of high-grade. Its product modelling is beautiful, moreover is firm, the antiseptic is good, installs simple, the maintenance is convenient, easy to clean, economical and practical, exempts the maintenance, the structure is beautiful, and the environment coordination is good. Municipal Fencing Network is the first choice for beautifying urban environmental engineering.

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