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Safety protection sports stadium fencing playground isolation network manufacturers basketball court hook Flower Net
Jun 16, 2017

Use site:

The stadium fence, the basketball court net, the volleyball ground and the sports training ground use.


(1), plastic coated silk by 3.8mm

(2), Mesh hole 50mm X 50mm

(3), size: 3000mm X 4000mm

(4), Pillar: diameter 60/2.5mm Steel Pipe

(5), transverse column: diameter 48/2mm steel pipe Welding

(6), Connection mode: welding

(7), anti-corrosion treatment: Antirust Primer + Advanced Metal paint, product color bright, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, complete specifications, network

Face formation, strong tension, not susceptible to external impact deformation.

Product Advantages:

Product color bright, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, complete specifications, network surface formation, strong tension, not easily affected by external impact deformation.

On-site construction and installation, the biggest feature of the product is flexibility, according to the site requirements at any time to adjust the shape and size.

Main use:

High quality requirements of the tennis court, basketball venues, comprehensive venues fence.

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