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Several connecting methods of guardrail network in chain stadium
Apr 27, 2017

Chain Stadium Guardrail NET is to hook the flower mesh and round tube or square pipe into the fence, the mesh is made of hooks, there is no open welding phenomenon, and good elasticity, widely used in basketball courts, tennis courts and other sports venues protection.

There are several common ways to connect a mesh with a border:

1, hook the flower mesh with steel bar through the four sides, and then weld the bar on the border, or the mesh directly on the border, and then the mesh and the whole border impregnation.

2, the U-shaped card welding on the border, steel bar wear in the hook-and-flower mesh for four weeks, and then fixed the bar in the U-shaped card.

3, after the construction site welding column, and then put the net piece of flat iron fixed on the column.

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