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Water Horse Wai Block application area and precautions
Jul 15, 2016

1, Plastic wai block installation should avoid procrastination, so as not to reduce the service life. Water injection holes should be facing inside to prevent theft.

2, water pressure should be increased in order to shorten the installation speed, water injection into the hole surface can be. Can also be based on the length of the construction site and the environmental conditions in one or several separate pieces of water injection, this water injection method will not affect the stability of plastic wai.

3. The top part of the product is provided with a flag hole, which can be used for inserting flags or installing warning lights and warning devices. You can also drill holes in the plastic block plate to install lighting fixtures or to fasten and connect various objects with a tapping screw, this small area of installation will not affect the quality and performance of product use.

4, for the use of the process is torn, damaged or leakage of the Wai, the repair method is simple, with 300 watts and 500 watts of electric iron after heating can be free to repair it.

5, because the product uses the German BASF production of pigments, its brightness in the outdoor use can guarantee five years do not fade.

6, Plastic Wai block in the use of the process such as sticky dirt dust, rain can be washed dirt dust, for adhesion thicker soil, water rinse can. For the adhesion of paint, bitumen and other oil can be used to wipe cleaning agent cleaning, this will not damage and damage the surface finish of the product. But do not use a sharp knife and tool scraping, so easy to damage and damage the surface of plastic block finish.

7, high-density polyethylene material has a good reduction, for the entire plate deformation bending products, as long as the vertical and connection placement, it will soon restore the formation. Therefore, for the inventory of products can be used flat overlay stacked, to less inventory product space.

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