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Analysis On Development Trend Of Road Traffic Guardrail
Oct 26, 2017

The final development of urban road traffic guardrail will be less and fewer, based on two points: the road design function is more complete, three-dimensional or multi-layer, different modes of transportation will be on different road plane; Therefore, road traffic guardrail will be "light, Qiao, the United States", "safe, environmental protection, economic, durable" direction of development:

"Light": the traffic guardrail material should adopt the new light material, the upper structure is lightsome, the lower structure is solemn;

"Qiao": The design of traffic guardrail should be scientific, the structure of the exterior is concise and clear, convenient to maintain;

"Beauty": the appearance of traffic guardrail to be beautiful and generous, with the existing traffic signs complement each other;

"Safety": Traffic guardrail should be alerted to the function, reminding drivers to pay attention to the surrounding environment, but also to remind pedestrians to stop the pedestrian drill, play a proactive role;

"Environmental protection": Traffic guardrail should be produced, installed, used and maintained in the process of pollution-free to achieve the purpose of protecting the environment;

"Economy": the traffic guardrail should follow the design principle of "light, skillful and beautiful", choose the suitable manufacture raw material scientifically, achieve multi-function function, reduce the comprehensive cost and save investment.

"Durable": Traffic guardrail should be used in the long-term acceptance of different environmental pollution, while reducing maintenance costs, so as to achieve long-term use of the effect.