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Anticorrosion Method And Coating Technology Of Highway Guardrail
Feb 06, 2017

The commonly used anti-corrosion method of highway fence is powder impregnation

Powder Impregnation method, it originated from the fluidized bed method, the so-called fluidized bed was originally used in the Winkler Gas generator in the oil contact decomposition, and then developed the solid gas two-phase contact process, and then gradually used in metal coating. So sometimes it's still called "Fluidized bed cladding", the actual process is to add the powder coating to the bottom porous breathable container (flow groove), from the next into the air blower into the processed compressed atmosphere, so that the powder coating to the "fluidization state", become evenly distributed fine powder.

Coating technology of Highway Guardrail network

The coating technology of Highway Guardrail network is completed by two stages: the first stage is the fixed bed stage, the second stage is the air flow transmission stage, on the fixed Bed Foundation continues to enlarge the flow rate (W), the bed layer starts to expand and the loosening, the bed height starts to increase, each powder particle is floated, thus leaves the original position to make a certain degree movement, Then it enters the fluidized bed stage. BC section indicates that the powder layer expands in the fluidized bed, and its height (I) increases with the increase of gas velocity, however, the pressure (P) in the bed does not increase, and the flow velocity in a certain range does not affect the unit power required by the fluid, which is the characteristic of fluidized bed, which is used to carry out the coating process. The uniformity of powder fluidization State in fluidized bed is the key to ensure the uniformity of coating film. The fluidized bed used in powder coating belongs to "vertical fluidization", and the fluidization number must be found out by experiment, generally to be able to apply, the suspended rate of the powder in fluidized bed can reach the maximum of 30~50%.