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Municipal Guardrail
Oct 26, 2017

Municipal Road Guardrail is also called City traffic galvanized steel guardrail. It is beautiful and novel, easy to install, safe and reliable, price concessions. Leading products: Solar glare Guardrail, galvanized steel isolation fence, municipal road isolation guardrail, sidewalk road guardrail, mobile and non-motorized isolation guardrail, road center isolation guardrail, billboards road isolation guardrail, river safety guardrail, lawn flower fence and other municipal road isolation guardrail specifications complete, many varieties, you can choose the height, Color。 It is suitable for the isolation of urban traffic arteries, expressway Middle Green Belt, bridge, secondary Highway, township highway and Toll Gate of highway.

Characteristics of Municipal Guardrail:Municipal guardrail is widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places of safety protection and decorative beautification, but also for the community, courtyard, villas, its smooth lines, concise and beautiful, rich in the modern atmosphere, so that the plot, let the courtyard, let the villa with the era of high-grade. , its product modelling is beautiful, moreover is firm, the antiseptic is good, installs simple, the maintenance is convenient, easy to clean, the economical is practical, exempts the maintenance, the structure is beautiful, and the environment coordination is good. is to beautify the urban environmental engineering preferred Products!