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Optimization Of Road Traffic Guardrail Production
Jun 07, 2017

The traffic barrier net industry will still be a small business-oriented industry, some of the enterprises currently in the advantage, in a period of time will remain the advantages of the past, has completed the primitive accumulation of private enterprises, may appear polarization, some visionary owners will be in the hands of the funds into technical transformation and the introduction of talent, Gradually adopt the modernized production, the management enterprise thinking. Another part of the traditional owners, but also adhere to the original management model, the difference between the two different models will become more and more obvious.

Competition between enterprises will shift from price competition to technical strength and quality competition. With the mainframe factory to the quality requirements more and more high, the industry average profit and low, price competition space is getting smaller. Enterprises have no ability to reduce prices to win the market, at this time, enterprises will be technology and quality competition to win the market. But before the market is normalized, price competition will still be an important means to win the market.

The demand for screen production and testing equipment is increasing. Compared with foreign countries, the current screen products production and testing equipment performance, variety specifications, reliability still have a large gap, and the price of imported equipment for domestic similar products $number times, this to make domestic equipment enterprises to leave a huge development space, if domestic equipment manufacturers see this, and actively develop, Then it is possible to reverse a number of key equipment imports on the situation, making the screen enterprises and equipment manufacturers benefit from both.