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Standardization Introduction Of Road Traffic Guardrail Setting
Nov 09, 2016

How to standardize in the guardrail setting, we must first understand the different functions of various traffic barriers, river guardrail has the role of protecting the river channel, traffic isolation guardrail has the role of regulating traffic, the role of different road guardrail, then the role of traffic guardrail is to standardize traffic, which is the installation of the traffic barriers to standardize it?

One, sidewalk isolation barrier: The barrier, which is arranged on the pavement of the city road, close to the kerb side of the road, is a warning and mandatory facility for pedestrians and vehicles to travel and travel.

Second, machine isolation guardrail: This kind of guardrail is mainly a way to standardize the work of the embodiment, because in the general traffic in the process, our isolation as long as a number of motor vehicles and non-motorized work, this is a great help for our traffic safety.

Third, the bus lane isolation barrier: Set on the bus side, and other lanes separated by the isolation facilities.

Four, mobile barrier: This isolation guardrail is relatively strong mobility, in the road of traffic modification we can temporarily use some mobile guardrail to carry out road settings and arrangements for planning traffic has a great help.

Five, fixed barrier: The end column is buried underground or installed on the prefabricated parts buried underground and bolted to the isolation facilities.

Six, Traffic guardrail gradient section: set in the guardrail outside the head and the standard section of the smooth transition between the structural section.

Seven,The outline mark: set on the Guardrail column, used to indicate the sight-inducing facility of the guardrail boundary.